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Kenya Vacation
Your Kenya Experience

This is our Humanitarian Travel offer. You will have an exceptional cultural immersive experience in the Maasai Mara. You will volunteer at the current build site and do much more. Prepare to be humbled.

You have several options for this vacation. You can make it a pre or post add-on to a trip to Africa. Or, it can be your entire vacation. Also, an additional safari can be included. You choose!

For more information about what you could experience read Cheryl's blogs.

Cuba - 8 Days

A Humanitarian Travel vacation offering. This Cuban experience is unlike most being sold. Why? You will volunteer at Muraleandro with some children. Plus, you will have a genuine cultural experience because your accommodations are in a family run bed and breakfast homes. You will spend time in Havana, Trinidad, and Cienfuegos.

Cheryl's blogs offer a sampling of what you might experience while in Havana.

Download this brochure.

The price is only $2,395 per person double occupancy covering land only. Your travel experience begins and ends in Havana.

Cuba vacation
Sandals International
Sandals Resorts International


There's a particular reason why we're marketing this organization as part of our Personal Travel offering. They have made a commitment to improve the lives of the people in and around the communities where they do business, this is done through their foundation. 


Of course, there is a blog about the Sandals Foundation.

We have special links to their 3 all-inclusive resorts where you can research and book your next vacation: for couples who want a romantic getaway, families who just need a great vacation together and people who want an affordable fabulous alternative in Negril

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If you love to do the research, your next vacation could be waiting for you at our other website. As mentioned in this blog, we have more to offer you under our Personal Travel umbrella. You can search for your next vacation on that site. When you find it, complete the online form and send it to us. We will contact you for the next steps. 

Payments plans available
Money Challenges?

Taking your deserved vacation is very important to you. Don't let the cost of it stop you. Your having the experience of travel should not be taken lightly.


When you book your vacation with In-Joy Travel, we can create a payment plan for the land portion of your journey. Your destination is waiting for you to discover it and we want to help you get there. Just mention you would like to schedule your payments when you contact us.