Cheryl Bowie
Travel Consultant

If you are looking for an experienced partner who will work directly with you to create a memorable vacation experience, it would be my pleasure to be your Travel Consultant! I enjoy working with clients to satisfy their individual travel needs and desires. I am dedicated to bringing my love of travel, passion for people, and detailed planning to your special vacation.

My initial training began in 2003 at Los Medanos College in Pittsburg California, where I studied Travel Marketing. It was during this chapter in my life when I realized it was high time for a career change and I knew the travel industry would be part of my next move. Having lived in Paris, France for a little over two years, and after visiting countries like England, Egypt, Tanzania, Kenya, Jamaica, Antigua, Barbados and Holland, traveling and exploring new places holds a special place in my heart. Ultimately, I decided to take a leap off the corporate train and embarked on a new adventure I knew I would love. In 2011, my life was forever changed when I began In-Joy Travel.


I am committed to providing excellent and ethical customer service and am dedicated to improving my skills and increasing my knowledge of the travel industry. In 2016, I studied and received two certifications that I am thrilled and honored to possess. The first is the Certified Travel Associate (CTA) from The Travel Institute. It took a year of intensive studying for this exam and it was not an easy feat! With this certification, my clients can be confident that their travel plans will be handled with integrity and a high standard of professionalism. My second certification is Tour Director from the International Tour Management Institute. The in-depth, hands on training I received enhanced my skills to escort tours. Now equipped with these two internationally recognized certifications, I am more than ready to plan your ideal vacation.


Group Tour Director

I have personally escorted tours to London, Paris, South Africa, Zambia, Dubai and a mission trip to Haiti. There will be more opportunities to travel with me in the future. Stay tuned!


Affinity Group Vacations

If you have a group that is interested in traveling and having a uniquely meaningful experience, I would be honored to create a customized, total package for you.

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Cheryl in Haiti
Cheryl in Haiti
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Cheryl in Kenya
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Cheryl in China


McAllister  Testimonial
“As a person who loves to travel, I am aware of what it means to have a rewarding travel experience and that is what I had as a result of Cheryl’s knowledge and dedication of travel planning. She truly enjoys creating personalized and wonderful travel adventures, which embodies the qualities of an experienced travel agent and friend.”

- M. McAllister -

Adams Testimonial
“Cheryl demonstrates the character and qualities you look for in a travel agent.  She is very punctual when returning emails and phone calls.  She has shown excellence in vacation and travel knowledge and customer service skills.”


- E. Adams -