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  • Cheryl Bowie, CTA

Thinking About My Favorite Destination

Updated: May 7, 2022

Notre Dame 2011

I watched a Netflix movie called “Uncorked” about a young black man following his dream (my favorite word) which took him to Paris (my favorite city). When the storyline went to Paris, I had a huge smile on my face while looking at the city images. It really underscored how wonderful it is to travel to other places and be able to relive that experience whenever you see an image, hear the name, or just talk about it.

If the pandemic has you worrying, STOP. Think about that destination you enjoyed the most, let that bring back pleasant memories for you. Look at those photos, videos, or re-read your journal entries and experience that joy all over again. Use the shelter in place as an opportunity to reminisce about that special vacation.

I have returned to Paris twice since that photo was taken. The most recent visit was in January of this year while the yellow jacket demonstrations were active. If you are planning on going to France after the coronavirus ends, you should confirm whether those demonstrations have restarted.

BTW, if the coronavirus really has you fearful, you should hear a word from God. My church (Berith Christian Fellowship) is streaming our Sunday (10 am) and Wednesday (7 pm) services, you can find them at or and choose the Live Streaming option at the top right of the screen. It’s about a relationship, not religion.

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