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  • Cheryl Bowie, CTA

Finally! - This Experience Has Arrived

Updated: Apr 29

Premiere group to experience the Soulful Experience river cruise in France in August 2023.
Inaugural Soulful Experience River Cruise Group - Aug 2023
Jazzmine Douse and Cheryl Bowie at the ASTA River Cruise Expo in Budapest, Hungary in March 2023.
(l to r) Jazzmine Douse and Cheryl Bowie - ASTA River Cruise Expo in Budapest, Hungary, March 2023

Congratulations to Jazzmine Douse, Director of National Accounts at AmaWaterways, for her hard work and dedication in creating the Soulful Experience cruise. It was not a solo effort, ideas and support came from others who also believed now was the time. This was the first river cruise focused on Black Diaspora Heritage and Culture with an American and French perspective. Guests sailed from Arles, France on the Rhone River to Lyon with a 3-day post-cruise in Paris. The 10-day experience had everything a river cruise offers with plenty of Black culture, history, and entertainment included.

Kristin Karst and Cheryl Bowie at the ASTA River Cruise Expo in Budapest, Hungary in March 2023.
(l to r) Cheryl Bowie and Kristin Karst - ASTA River Cruise Expo in Budapest, Hungary, March 2023

Thank you AmaWaterways for having the wisdom to support this groundbreaking cruise. All the detailed work involved in making this happen paid off. The cruise on the AmaKristina (named after the co-owner and co-founder Kristin Karst) was sold out.

Fortunately, this specialty cruise will not only continue, but it is also expanding into other countries. Look at what’s to come in 2024 and 2025.

  • Colors of Provence returns with experiences scheduled for June 13-23, 2024, and August 21-31, 2025.

  • New! Enticing Douro has 2 sailings in Portugal on November 13-23, 2024, and November 11-21, 2025.

  • Secrets of Egypt & the Nile 2 options are on May 17-28, 2024, and May 14-25, 2025.

  • New! Stars of South Africa set sails on June 13-27, 2025.

  • New! Magic of Colombia is launching on October 18-25, 2025.

The only country I have not visited on this list is Colombia (Hmm). But I would definitely return to any of the other countries as well. If these vacations are interesting to you, download the brochure below for more information, watch these videos and be inspired. Then contact me to discuss your selection and reserve your spot. You may already be knowledgeable about Black Diaspora Heritage and Culture, well AmaWaterways offers other river cruises that we can discuss. My Contact page lets you know how to reach me.

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It's time for YOUR boutique travel experience!


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