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  • Cheryl Bowie

Back to Africa, Part 1

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

It was finally October 11, 2014, all the months of discussions, planning, research, and vaccinations brought us to our departure day. We were beginning a vacation that would last for 3 weeks and take us to South Africa, Zambia, and the UAE. We flew several planes during the trip but it was worth it. Each destination was a special and unique experience, my personal favorite spot was Cape Town. I could live in that city.

Our first brief stop was in Dubai, we had an overnight stay at the Copthorne Airport Hotel. Our flight to Johannesburg would depart in about 8 hours. The rooms were clean and the dinner buffet was excellent.

We arrived in Johannesburg on October 13th. We had another overnight stay because we were flying to Livingston, Zambia the next day. Our rooms were at the City Lodge which was adjacent to the airport. This hotel had the best buffet breakfast of all the places we stayed. We would be staying in Zambia for a few days at the Waterberry Lodge on the Zambezi River.

My Zambia Favorites

  • Victoria Falls

  • Giving school supplies to the Tukongote Community Preschool and touring the Village (See posted video "More Than Just A Vacation")

  • Waterberry Lodge

  • The Staff (Nathan, Mathews, Moses, Crispin, Samuel, Kim, all the Webster’s)

  • A special Zambian Dinner for us

  • Lamb, eggplant, spinach with ground peanuts, beans, tomato & onions, and nshima (similar to grits)

  • The facility

We returned to Johannesburg and stayed at the Protea Hotel Fire & Ice located in trendy Melrose Arch. This part was particularly exciting for me because I would reconnect with a couple I met while living in Paris.

My Joburg Favorites

  • Seeing my friends, Chris & Mimi

  • Dinner at The Meat Co.

  • Party at their home

  • Protea Hotel Fire & Ice

  • The staff

  • Their milkshakes

  • The facility

  • Joburg Inner City Tour with our guide Jo

  • Site of Mandela & Tambo Law Offices

  • Shopping

  • Lunch at Daleah’s Eatery

  • Soweto tour with our guide Ntsimane

  • Hector Pieterson Museum

  • Lunch at Wandie’s Restaurant

  • Apartheid Museum (I could have spent the whole day there.)

  • Photo on the right is one entrance to the museum.

  • Your ticket designates whether you enter via the non-white or white door.

More vacation photos can be seen in this album Vic Falls, Joburg, & Soweto.

To be continued, more about this vacation will be posted in the coming weeks.


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