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  • Cheryl Bowie, CTA

Amazing China!

Updated: May 9, 2022

I had the absolute pleasure of going to China this year, it was my first (and not last) visit. This trip was in the northern part of the Hunan Province which is located in the southeast portion of the country. I was determined to complete and post this video with some of my photos. These 2 photos did not make it into the video, but I wanted to mention them because I love to try different types of food.

Egg dish

We had some delicious food while there. My favorite one was served during a special dinner for all of the travel professionals on the

trip at the Sunrise Hotel in Zhangjiajie. This dish looked like potatoes to me, I was told it was eggs. I love eggs and I loved this, too.

Stinky tofu

This one was a surprise. It's called stinky tofu, but it didn't stink to me. It's the black squares on the right in the photo with the dipping sauce. Just outside the restaurant was a place showing how the tofu is fermented (and I think you could purchase some to go). This was part of our last meal in Changsha.

The video is a little over 9.5 minutes long so get comfortable and enjoy.


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