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  • Cheryl Bowie

Cuba - Day 2 (End)

Updated: May 7, 2022

And the day continues. . .

Our next stop was at the Alley of Hamel where we visited the Pena Cultural Afrocuba center. This center educates the community and tourist about the religion of Santeria which is a mix of African gods and Roman Catholic saints. This group entertained and taught us about 4 of the deities.

This is the courtyard of the famous Hotel National which opened in 1930. The architects were 2 American firms. We were given cocktails in the Hall of the Fame which houses a photographic history of the well-known celebrities and other notables that have visited the hotel.

This is one of the many beautifully maintained old cars.

That evening, we had diner at Paladar Atelier. We ate on the rooftop, it gave us a nice view of the surrounding neighborhood. Some of us walked back to the hotel, others went out for the evening. Day 3 would be another busy day.


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