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  • Cheryl Bowie

Cuba - Day 3

Updated: May 7, 2022

This day we headed to Las Terrazas, a beautiful community created by the government in 1968.

We were entertained by Alabao, very good music. They, like most Cuban musicians we, had CDs for sale. The going price was 10 CUC.

This community is located southwest of Havana.

We covered quite a bit of territory while there. We had some good coffee at Café Maria. While at the café we were introduced to the community dentist for a Q&A session. We met with one of the artists, Ariel, he walked us through his process for making the paper used for his artwork. We purchased some of his art and other crafts created by the artisans of the community.

This peacock was not camera shy, he gave me a 360 degree view.

These are the chefs that prepared our delicious lunch.

My most anticipated stop was next. What was it? Read the next blog entry for the answer. (A Side Note – Not all public restrooms had toilet seats which was a minor inconvenience. The public restrooms usually had an attendant there who keep them very clean. Of course, you give the attendant some CUCs for her service, in some cases, that’s how you received tissue.)


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