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  • Cheryl Bowie

Cuba - Day 5

Updated: May 7, 2022

This was our final day of touring (I could have spent another week in Cuba). We visited the home of a very artistic and creative family, from there we toured and dined at the Coincidencia Farm.

Our first stop was the home and studio/workshop of Mariela Alemán Orosco and Marlin Martinez Barrio. Mariela is a fashion designer, she creates her fabric outside of her rooftop studio. She demonstrated how she dyes her fabric (a video of this process will be posted). You can purchase her clothes, purses, and scarfs at her studio.

Designed by Mariela

Fabric dyed by Mariela.

Fabric dyed by Mariela

Marlin Martinez Barrio is a master craftsman. One of his specialties is creating beautiful humidors for cigars.

Marlin’s Workshop

Marlin’s Workshop


When you purchase one of his humidors, he will engrave your name on the inside of the lid.


A humidor created by Marlin. The workmanship of this piece was detailed and simply gorgeous.

Humidor in magazine

Notice Marlin’s humidor in the lower right corner of the magazine.

Marlin and his daugther

Marlin and daughter wrapping one of her paintings that was purchased. Talent truly runs in the family.

I really enjoyed visiting the home of this gifted family. Next, we were on our way to another creative environment, the Coincidencia Farm. It’s a farm and a ceramic studio created by Héctor Correa in 1987. You will see and discover more about the farm in the next and final blog post about the Cuba trip.


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