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  • Cheryl Bowie, CTA

Kenya: An Exceptional Experience, Part 2

Updated: May 6, 2022

Kisaruni Girls Secondary School

It was amazing how much we did during those 6 days. The visit with the biggest impact on me (personally) was this girls’ school. The tour was done by the older girls, they proudly explained the purpose of the various classrooms on the campus. The young ladies live at the school, many are miles away from their families. But despite the distance, their desire for an education was clear. Their drive for improving their lives and their communities was evident.

Our travel professional group and a medical professional

The Group (Travel Professionals and A Medical Professional)

I thought the tour was the extent of our visit, but we were headed to a larger building. On the way, casual conversations with some of the young ladies continued or were initiated. One student asked me the name of my favorite author, I told her, Toni Morrison, because her writing style challenges me. We entered the multi-purpose building and sat down with them facing a slightly raised floor that was used as a stage. My conversation was with 3 young ladies in the 11th grade: one future doctor and 2 future engineers in the aerospace industry. I encouraged them to follow their

Three students and me

dreams and not let anyone stop them. We were served chai coffee and mandazi (Kenyan donuts). On stage, a young lady recited a piece/poem about being an excellent “A” student, my 3 students identified with her. We were further entertained with singing and dancing and our group was brought to the stage to participate. (I’m hoping no video exists of me on stage!) Our group remained on the stage and individually introduced ourselves to the audience. This was when my emotions surfaced, not because I was uncomfortable about being on stage. But, it was because I felt so honored and privileged to be at that school looking at the future of Kenya.

This experience totally represents my vision of the type of vacations I want to offer, Humanitarian Travel (or volunteer vacation). You can book this extraordinary vacation to Kenya, contact me for more information.


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