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  • Cheryl Bowie

Cuba - Day 2

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Our day started with the buffet breakfast at the Meliá Cohiba and it did not disappoint. After breakfast, our group boarded the bus for a full day of sightseeing. We toured the La Corona Cigar Factory, our guide there was Camilo. Founded in 1842 this is the largest cigar factory in Cuba. They roll about 30,000 cigars per day. This breaks down to 40-200 cigars per day per person, the quantity depends on the size (heavy, standard, or slim ring gauge) and shape (regular or tapered) of the cigar. This is a government job that pays 400-500 peso or 40 CUC a month plus 5 cigars a day for the employees that produce them. Other factory workers make a monthly minimum of 250 peso or a monthly average of 350 peso. The training for learning how to make cigars takes 9 months.

How can you tell the difference between a Cuban cigar and other cigars?

  • The Cuban cigars have no sulfur and more calcium and minerals.

  • And, their ash is white.

The factory store was not open, so we went to another one to buy our cigars.

Our next stop was the Columbus Cemetery. Our guide at the cemetery, does he remind you of anyone in particular?

Well of course, it's not President Obama, I think his name is Andreas.

Here is the resting place of a woman and child who some people believe has spiritual powers. Her name was Mrs. Amelia Goyri but she is better known as “The Miraculous Woman”.

She and her baby died during child birth. The baby was buried with his mother at her feet. Later when the grave was opened, the baby, reportedly, was found in her arms.

Mr. Goyri lost his mind after their deaths. Often, he went to the cemetery and knocked on the grave hoping she would wake up. He walked away backwards so he could see her. This ritual is repeated by each person that offer prayers at her gravesite. This lady is leaving the grave backwards after making your request of the miraculous woman.

Plaques from people thanking "La Milagrosa" (The Miraculous Woman) for answering their prayers.

There was more to this day, comeback for the continuation. Or better still, subscribe to our blog and be notified of updates.


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